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How to Create Brand Identity, Collaborate on Instagram & Live Your Dreams

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Listen in as Richard is joined by Denis for the second week in a row. Get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to launch a new product line. If you have thought of starting your own brand, this is a can't miss episode. There is a lot that goes into launching a product - selecting items, sourcing products, creating a brand identity and just the logistics of it all.

You'll hear the plan for Amara Jewelry, the new women's accessory line by (podcast official sponsor) Harrison Blake Apparel.

Richard is then joined by two aspiring models from Detroit, MI that will be involved in the Amara Jewelry product launch, initial photo shot and more!

Both ladies are extremely talented and have big goals for the future. Listen in on how they are already making waves in modeling and chasing after their dreams. Do you have something you're passionate about? Why not pursue it? Theses ladies stories will inspire you to go after yours...

Don't miss a behind the scenes look and also a fun conversation all about dreaming big, collaborating and making things happen.

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