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Posted by Lily Mwariri on

Every man is outstanding in his own individual style. The fashion world has always tried to tell us how we ought to dress, what we should want to be, how that specific pair of suit will make us look cool or how sporting that brand will make us improve our looks. Style and fashion are two different things, Fashion is about what is popular; what is on the runways or what is worn by famous people. What is fashionable today may not be next month and what look good on someone else might not compliment you: seek to understand what fit you best in terms of color, patterns and your body structure. With this information your wardrobe contents will be timeless and your outlook will be outstanding. Here is how to change your style so as to achieve that look you’ve always desired to have.

  • The base of your personal style is your physical characteristics

Personal style is about having the clothes that fit you well and that make you comfortable, ensure that you've always put on clothes that fits your body, poorly fitting clothes look bad no matter the design or make. Clothes with a good fitting says “I am confident”. You dress and groom your body, so you alone are in charge of how you look. Build your pride and confidence by establishing your personal style.

  • Make the Commitment and the right upgrades

Before you move to a new school, new place, or a job, you have to commit to making changes. If you don’t commit to change as firmly as you can, you are likely not to follow through. Ensure that the move you are about to make is the right one. Whatever style you chose to focus on ensure that it fits you best. Getting in better shape is without a doubt one of the best ways to look better. This means losing some weight, gaining weight, or developing tone. Other benefits that go along with being in better physical shape, like saving money.

  • Details Are Key

Moving from t-shirts to button downs is huge, but sometimes the smaller, not talked about details are the best ways to improve your look. Wearing a sport watch, .Leather shoes, a new haircut a scarf, a subtle pocket square, or the way you tie your knot And Clothing fit. It’s time to take things to the next level

  • Learn to love colors

Most men do not love wearing colors that match most of them stick to a basic color of black, grey and blue. Does that sound like you? Its time you indulge a little. As much as you are supposed to love colors avoid wearing too many of them as you beginning changing your style. Stick to wearing one color at a time for now. Figure out which colors work best for you and expand your horizon.

  • Disregard trends and Brand names

Don t just buy something because it’s the “in” right now, stick to what you love. Most of these latest trends exit the market quite fast that means you will end up trashing those clothes. Build your own versatile and timeless wardrobe and save so much money. Before you decide to purchase something, be sure that you are purchasing it because the quality is worth not because the brand name is trending.

  • Try new things

As you develop your style open you mind to new fashion ideas. Try things you would have never worn before. It’s the only way you get to learn on what best works for you .don’t be afraid to express yourself through style