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Harrison Blake Apparel is a family business in every sense of the word. Rich Taylor founded the Michigan based business in 2014 with the simple goal of helping men look their best everyday without going broke. He named the business after his son with the thought of leaving a legacy in mind, as well as dedicating his passion to the betterment of his family. With a background in apparel manufacturing, he understood that quality products could be produced at attainable prices for everyone. Taking his time to get it right, Rich started with lapel pins and small accessories before venturing into offering custom suits and shoes. The brand quickly became wildly popular on Instagram and currently has a following of over 100,000 fashion enthusiasts.

Harrison Blake Apparel invites you to experience our Made to Measure suiting and custom shoe services. We pride ourselves on creating a sophisticated and comfortable finished product with a vintage inspired, timeless look. We aren't chasing trends, we're building sustainable wardrobes that will last decades. The measuring process is detailed and allows for a perfect fit that compliments your silhouette. When you select shoes with us we take several measurements and outlines of your feet to get a bespoke fit that will provide ultimate comfort. You also select the leather, suede or hand-painted patina finish for your completely handmade pair of shoes. The craftsmanship of each garment or shoes is of utmost importance and the details are yours to choose, giving way to a personalized look and style. Whether you're looking to add to your everyday wardrobe, look like a superstar at your wedding or step out of your comfort zone, we're ready to serve you.

For your convenience, we offer free zoom video appointments or one-on-one in person appointments throughout our home State of Michigan. This isn't shopping - it's an experience. You will choose from hundreds of fabrics and materials with a highly trained image consultant to create a look that is exclusively you. Whether you decide to meet us in your home or office, or even online - you choose the time that is convenient for you. Once we connect, you get full access to Rich, even his personal cell phone where he encourages clients to reach out with any need.


One of the things that makes us unique from other online suit retailers is that we truly offer a personal touch. Being based in Michigan, we don't have the luxury of being considered a fashion epicenter. Positive relationships with our clients are the lifeblood of our business. Positive reviews and referrals are what we live for. We aim to exceed your expectations and not just sell you a suit or shoes, but develop a real connection. Our founder, Rich, is hands on with every client and will walk with you every step of the way. Having personal access to a clothier is unique in today's day and age, but we are striving to offer old world concierge service in a modern society.

Growing up, Rich watched as his Grandfather owned and operated a custom men's tailor shop for decades, not too far from Yale University and those memories have stuck with him. Quality. Service. Relationships. Now, we're passing these beliefs onto the next generation as Rich's children work with him and watch the brand's steady growth. From neckties and accessories - to the  monthly subscription club... we invite you to explore the world of Harrison Blake. Our society sometimes makes high men's fashion appear snobbish, uninviting and intimidating. We feel that it doesn't have to be any of those things. Reach out to us and experience the difference. This company was established by one man from Michigan that had an idea to make fashion attainable and inclusive and he'll do everything possible to protect his family name and reputation.