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At Harrison Blake Apparel, we have one goal in mind...
Assisting and curating a look and tools tailored for you exclusively, that will open the doors you need unlocked! 
Whatever your goal may be, nailing an interview, going for a new position or dealing  with influential individuals, how you enter the room matters!
We will prepare you for whatever circumstances you find yourself preparing for, and make sure you look the part.
We as a company collectively have many years of experience in getting ambitious and goal oriented persons ready for the rooms and situations they need to be in. Believe it or not how you walk in any room, and how one presents themselves goes a long way…..
Allow us to shorten that distance, so your only concern is closing the deal!
Contact us to set up a personal image and styling consultation so we can help prep you for your biggest moments, opportunities and events you have scheduled, or dream for in the future!
Richard and Anton
-Harrison Blake Apparel
 $249 for an hour that will change your life!
A lot of guys need a bit of help...and that's okay! You may be here because of one of the following reasons...
  • You have no clue what looks good on you

  • You have a closet full of clothing you don’t enjoy wearing

  • You’ve been lost trying to figure out the right hairstyle for your face shape

  • You want high-quality clothing and to invest in the right stuff, but you don’t know where to do it or what to buy

  • You hate shopping and waste money because you don’t know what to buy

  • You feel like other well-dressed guys know something you don’t

  • You want to dress the “right” way, but still feel like yourself

  • You want to look the part for your wife, girlfriend, or career, but don’t know how

  • You want to dress appropriately for your age without looking too old/young

  • You want to appear put-together and attractive, without looking like you’re trying


We will give the most in-depth style and grooming knowledge tailored to you - All packaged up and delivered to you via an interactive Zoom call with follow-up support any time you'd like. You’ll leave with more style + grooming knowledge than 99% of guys on the planet, and a complete shopping list of new items tailored to you to get you looking good from head to toe. Get ready to feel more confident than ever!


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