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Subtle Ways Brighten Up Your Fall Wardrobe

Posted by Lilian Mwariri on

The end of summer is upon us but that should not mean that you eliminate all the bright colors from your wardrobe. Fall may be known for its grays and blacks but why not brighten up your dark colored outfits with a few pops of color here and there?

Here a few ways you can brighten up your fall wardrobe.

1. Wear colorful Socks

The basic rule of thumb for men’s socks is the color of your sock should match the color of your trousers. However, you’re no fun when you stick to rules all the time so why don’t you go ahead and break some.

Bright socks are one the easiest way to brighten up your wardrobe. They might not be visible at all times but they do provide some color. They are a fun way to make a statement. You can go as colorful as you want but the best to do it is to coordinate the socks with your outfit. The socks need not necessarily exactly match but they should be color that blends in well with the rest of your outfit.

2. Brighten it up with Scarf

Given the change in temperature a scarf is sure to become a vital part of your fall wardrobe. Whether you decide on a silk, cashmere or a lightweight wool scarf, it’s always a great idea to pick one that stands out. They are the perfect accessory to help you keep warm while adding a bit of color and style to your overall outfit.

Keep it simple when tying the scarf, you can either drape it or tie a simple knot.

3. Accessorize with a tie/bow tie

Once again you can go as colorful as you want so long as you keep one basic color rule in mind, choose a shade that compliments your shirt and suit. Other rules you can keep in mind concern the length and width of the tie. The tie should never go below your belt and if you are in a suit then be sure to match the widest point of your tie to the widest point of your suit lapel.

If you are feeling adventurous you can match your tie/ bow tie to your colorful socks.

4. Complete your look with a pocket square

If you are wearing muted outfit a pocket square can be the perfect bright centerpiece. . A pocket square peeking out of the upper breast region of a suit jacket shows a bit of originality. If you are wearing a tie the pocket square should complement the color of the tie.

Don’t let the dull weather stop you from wearing color this coming fall.