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Happy 1st Anniversary - February Subscription Box Preview

Posted by RL on

We are pleased to announce that February marks our one year anniversary for the Selected Monthly Club. 

Because of this milestone we decided to incorporate our logo and brand colors into this months box.

We are quite sure you will approve of the feel and design of the monthly box items we have selected.

You will notice we have decided to incorporate a great knit tie into this box. Why?

The knit tie is perfect for winter and it embodies what Harrison Blake stands for - durability and quality - partnered with style. The burgundy and blue color mirrors our brand colors. What better way to celebrate than with our company colors and one of our favorite accessories - the knit tie.

The next piece we'd like to highlight is the pocket square we had the pleasure of designing. The color scheme matches the tie and mimics the block design in its own way. The burgundy trim is the real gem of this piece as it pops against any suit jacket or blazer you decide to pair it with.

This month we are also so excited to reveal the scissor tie bar. Our logo as you have noticed is the scissors, which stands for the craftsmanship of fine tailoring that goes into every piece we present to you. This detailed and unique tie bar will definitely draw compliments and makes a unique conversation piece. The sturdy design and shimmering silver will draw the eye towards it overtime you put it on.

The bracelet we have selected this month is a dark black bead, accented by burgundy again and a bit of white. As the winter comes to an end we thought this masculine piece tied the whole look together. We hope you agree!

Lastly, we present a pair of Harrison Blake socks. We wanted to have this anniversary month, allow you to wear Harrison Blake Apparel from head to toe. The burgundy color goes perfect with the other items and the circular design on the sock will remind you of the black beads on the bracelet.

We are so confident that when you step out on the town wearing this ensemble - you will turn heads. Our goal each month is to deliver well put together boxes of dapper goods that make it easy to take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary at a minimal cost but with maximum style...

This month we hope you feel we delivered on that promise with the February Selected Monthly Box.

Being that this is our anniversary we hope you join in the celebration and sign up (if you haven't already).

If you are already a member - we can't thank you enough! Please, tell a friend about this amazing deal and how Harrison Blake can change your look for $25 per month.

To subscribe Click Here

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