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Custom Suits and Shoes from Michigan

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When you think about men's fashion - what locations come to mind? New York, Italy, Paris, London and even LA? Have you ever heard someone say Detroit? No. Me neither. But guess what? That doesn't mean that it has to stay that way forever. I will admit, Michigan isn't known for style, but it is known for business and productivity.

At Harrison Blake Apparel we are on a mission to change the perception about Michigan fashion. We know that there are a ton of guys that love and appreciate great style. We are here to help provide high quality, custom suits and shoes from a company based in Michigan.

If you are from Michigan or the Midwest and you feel like you have to connect with brands from "big cities" to get a proper fitting garment that will turn heads - that's simply not the case anymore. We are meeting with clients and making connections across the State of Michigan, showing gentlemen of all backgrounds that whether you need a suit for your wedding, business meeting or just to look amazing - we have you covered.

We are willing to meet in person or via Zoom to show you all the fabric options and design elements that we can create for you. I can't wait to personally make a connection with you and assist you in looking your best. Custom suits and shirts or handmade bespoke shoes - we have you covered. Let's show the world that Michigan is so much more than just an automobile production hub. Let's show our style!

Best Regards,

Rich Taylor