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Invest In Your Development, Make The Most Of Networking, & Become A Bean Genius: Episode 78

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During this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Marcedes Fuller, who is an author and life coach. Marcedes explains the importance of investing in ourselves so we can grow individually. He tells Richard the steps we all can take in order to tap into our full potential, including having the "4 M's". Since social media plays a huge part in people's lives, Sania Khiljee drops by to give tips on how to create lasting professional relationships through networking. Whether you're outgoing or shy, Sania walks us all through how to push through the discomfort and network with others. For our special guest, Krishna from Bean Genius talks to Richard about his coffee subscription brand fits the tastes of each subscriber. Bean Genius offers specialty coffees to customers that match their "palate profiler" to ensure every cup will be delicious. Krishna also provides a coupon code for listeners of The Life Of A Gentleman, so make sure you tune in! Stay tuned for more episodes focused on fashion, lifestyle, and business.

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