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Take Care of Your Beard, What’s In the Box (July 2017), & Dressing for Job Interviews: Episode 45

During this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, our host Richard speaks with Tyler of DUBS Mustache Wax. Tyler expresses how he has transitioned from being a fan of the grooming brand into their spokesperson. He also explains the types of grooming products offered by DUBS and how they are different from current brands. [...]

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Wear Spread Collar Shirts, Be an Example for the Youth, & Know Your Suit Construction: Episode 42

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Denis Styles where they discuss various types of shirt collars, including the extra spread collar. They both give their insight on maintaining the collar and Denis informs listeners how to style an extra spread collar shirt. Then, Marcus Strother of the [...]

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Wear Your No-Show Socks, Harrison Blake Accessories, & Randy Jackson Eyewear: Episode 41

On this episode of The Life of a Gentleman," Richard is first joined by Xiaoshan who is the creator and founder of Cooper & Jin socks. Xiaoshan gives his perspective on selling no-show socks and also his future business plans. Then, a new segment 'What's in the Box?' is introduced by Diandra Marie. Diandra teases [...]

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Become a Master of Networking, Energy, & Motivation: Episode 40

On this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, Richard is first joined by John D. Carroll of Tres Coaching Services who speaks about the power of networking. John gives his "do's and dont's" of networking and how to make it effective for businesses. Then, our special guest Brian of Viter-energy mints, speaks about creating [...]

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Wear Sneakers with Your Suit while Life Coaching & having Cookout Etiquette: Episode 39

On today's episode of The Life of a Gentleman, our host Richard is first joined by Denis Styles as they educate the listeners on how to style a suit with sneakers. Denis describes the type of suit this look will work for as well as how to have it tailored to create the perfect look. [...]

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Prove Chivalry Isn’t Dead while Improving Your Skin & Packing Light (Again): Episode 30

First, “The Life of a Gentleman” staff would like to sincerely apologize for not releasing this episode Monday at 3pm. We like to pride ourselves on being consistent, but unfortunately faced some technical difficulties. During this ‘best of’ episode, our hosts Richard and Charles discuss chivalry and their views on if it is dead or [...]

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Cooking while Grooming Your Beard & Minding Your Manners (Again): Episode 29

In this 'best of' episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," our hosts Richard and Charles start out by discussing why gentlemen should cook. Before anyone runs away in fear, they remind the listener why it's important to know how to cook basic meals and how it contributes to healthier living. To further educate our [...]

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Maintain Your Summer Body, Troubleshoot Your Computer, & Wear Your Signature Scent: Episode 28

First and foremost, the entire "The Life of a Gentleman" staff hopes that each and every one of you enjoyed your holiday weekend and thank you for taking the time to listen on your day off of work. On today's episode, Richard Denis and Diandra Marie chat about maintaining your weight during the winter months. [...]

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Guide the Youth, Be a Gentleman at All Times, & Get a New Haircut: Episode 38

On this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, our host Richard is first joined by Marcus Strother of the Men's & Women's Leadership Academy. They discuss the challenges young men and women face as they're growing up and how adults can keep them headed in the right direction. To further explore being a gentleman, [...]

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Take Care of Your Skin, Be More Like Father Like Son, & Upgrade Your Style Education: Episode 36

During today's episode of The Life of a Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Diandra Marie as they introduce a new segment called 'Survey Says.' They discuss the importance of skin care after reading 17% of men do not use facial products because they feel they will be stereotyped or judged. Then, our special guest, [...]

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