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Build Your Personal Brand, Pick Out Your Own Clothes, & Try a Third Place Cocktail: Episode 37

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Dajon Hopkins who is a photographer and manages our Instagram account. Both gentlemen give their insight on building a personal brand via social media and how to keep it professional to attract more followers. Then, Diandra Marie joins the show once [...]

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Dress Casually, End Some Fashion Trends, & Find Your Ultimate Customer: Episode 31

As promised, "The Life of a Gentleman" is back with brand new content for 2017. In this episode, Richard and Diandra Marie chat about their views on dressing casually. They each give their feedback on how to dress down different parts of your outfit without compromising looking dapper. Then, Steve Nunez joins Richard as they [...]

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Keep Your 2017 Resolution, Grow Out Your Best Beard, & Keep Your Small/Midsize Business in Tact: Episode 32

During this episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," Richard and Diandra Marie discuss New Year's Resolutions and how to keep them. They each give their own insight and perspective on ways to attaining goals for the year and how to move forward if your goals aren't acheived. Then, Steve Nunez joins Richard on the [...]

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Be a Gentleman While You’re Out, Join the Gentlemen’s Club, & SPRING into Fashion: Episode 33

First and foremost, "The Life of a Gentleman" staff would like to thank all of our listeners for the continued support while we took a couple months to develop new content and show ideas. We appreciate the downloads & subscribers and we hope to feed more of your appetites to becoming gentlemen & gentleladies. During this [...]

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Visit the Social Cut Grooming Cafe, Endulge in The Human Experience, & Stay Away from Fahsion Faux Pas: Episode 34

On this episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," Richard is first joined by Steve Nunez from the Social Cut. This time, though, Steve shares his new business endeavor 'The Social Cut Grooming Cafe" which offers the services of a barbershop, tailor, and cafe. Steve informs listeners about the work of being an entrepreneur and [...]

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Develop Young Men & Women, Know the American Style, & Watch DC Gents: Episode 35

On this episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," Richard is joined once again by Marcus Strother, who is the creator of the Men & Women Leadership Academies. Marcus shares his experiences in expanding their growth, developing a curriculum for these young men and ladies, as well as organizing an educational trip to Washington DC. [...]

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Layer Up, Get the Human Experience & Men’s Accessories: Episode 26

On behalf of "The Life of Gentleman" crew, we would like to apologize for the delay in posting the latest episode. We appreciate you listening and staying loyal to our podcast. On today's episode, Diandra Marie and Denis Styles once again joins Richard as they talk about layering. Each give tips on the best way to [...]

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Save Your Money while becoming a Skilled Gentleman and Making Profit: Episode 27

During this episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," Richard is joined by Charles who discuss saving money. While it may be easier said than done, Richard and Charles both give great tips on how to see your bank account grow in order to reach personal financial goals. Then, our special guest Clay tells the [...]

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Manage Your Time, Buy a Quality Watch, & Grow Out Your Hair: Episode 25

During this episode of "The Life of a Gentleman," Richard is reunited with Charles who gives tips on time management. They break down how many hours are available to us each week and how to properly complete our tasks without feeling overwhelmed by lack of time. Then, our special guest Frank Flood speaks passionately about [...]

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How to Update Your Winter Wardrobe

How to Update Your Winter WardrobeWinter is finally here, and that means one thing – you’ll have to adapt your wardrobe to low temperatures and windy weather, and update it in order to come up with more stylish and trendy looks. If you’re not quite sure how to do it, stay with us. Here are six useful tips on [...]

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